Soapy Massage Emergency

soapy massage with Diana Prince
At first he led me into the bathroom where unhurriedly I was undressing to the rhythm of a joke while he was doing the same, I for one tried not to look at his cock imagining it would be like girl, so I let it wash my whole body which led to me was exciting and when it was my turn to wash him take me a great surprise, his cock and is much less , I calculated that would measure more than twenty centimeters and pretty thick at that moment my temperature peaked without the slightest hint of modesty there in the same bath and under running water started to massage and suck his teen hard cock making it impossible to introduce whole in my mouth as I did with my husband . I licked and nibbled gently with my lips, my moans and proved uncontrollable like my pelvis which moved wildly and so came the first of my orgasms, my juices all over his face, and he received the best soapy massage he could have ever asked for, and I had a lover for life.

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